Unique Retail Interiors Lure Shoppers In

Unique Retail Interiors

There’s no limit to the things you can buy online; from food to shopping and banking, everything is possible with a click. Even though the ‘add to the cart’ button on popular shopping sites has made life easy, the feel of walking into a physical store and interacting with the play of colours, textures and materials when buying products is altogether a different dimension of shopping.

Unique retail interior designs act as magnetic forces that entice even online customers to walk into their physical stores. The interplay of sensory elements such as lighting, colours, shopfittings, product display stands and layout augments the overall appeal of the store, tempting shoppers to shop, socialize and experience brands by touch.

Although every shop’s interior design is different, the goal is one: to get customers walking in and walking out with their products. In this article, I run you through the important elements of retail interiors that lure customers to more engaging and personalized experiences.

Eye-catchy visual display 

Shop windows can tell a brand’s story. This is where Luxury retailers need to crack the window which literally means crack consumer’s attention through the window. A striking visual merchandising display such as arranging products in a particular design can grab passersby’s attention, and lure them in. This is the power of retail window design which can be the difference between a customer entering to see more or walking away.

Store layouts  

Modern shoppers are extremely busy and tend to shop in a hurry. How well-planned store layouts determine the path customers take inside the stores. Carefully planned interior layouts can slow down this journey and increase dwell time encouraging customers to search and discover more. Hence, a customer’s journey and wayfinding are ideally the utmost priority of interior design.

Innovative store design  

Covid saw a lot of shoppers hopping online to buy products. Since the new normal, it’s more important for brands to turn their retail spaces enticing and interactive to lure this segment. Focusing on immersive experiences and Instagram-worthy experiences that e-commerce lacks is the key to keeping stores super busy.

Brands need to go bold with their spaces to attract customers in an entirely new way. This is where fit-outs, interior designing, and creativity come into play. Using the right blend of colours, lighting, patterned flooring, scenic backdrops, bold signages, AR equipment and creative placement of products makes all the difference.

At Abra, a leading retail fit-out company in Dubai, our team of designers have an unrivalled wealth of experience in retail shopfitting and are renowned for creating a one-of-a-kind retail experience for your brand. Our craftsman can create unique bespoke joinery items in line with the needs of diverse clients. Our professional installation teams commit to ensure that every aspect of a fit-out not just looks spectacular but also stands the test of time.

Anand Kumar, Managing Director at Abra