Experience Design: The Future of Retail

Experience Design The Future of Retail

Today’s shoppers are seeking more than just a transaction in luxury retail. So apart from having the right merchandise, retail stores must create the best possible experience for shoppers. 

Experience Design is turning the future of retail as it focuses on creating memorable experiences for customers that go beyond simply selling products. Experience design is the process of creating a user-focused, immersive and engaging experience for customers in a retail store from the moment they enter to the point of purchase. These worthwhile experiences create an emotional connection and sense of loyalty among customers, who are more likely to return and recommend the brand to others. Here are a few reasons why experience design is turning popular:

Emotional connection: Getting into the customers’ minds and emotionally connecting with them is becoming increasingly important in luxury retail. Unique in-store experiences are perfect opportunities to entertain, energize and inspire customers too.

Exclusivity: Customers who pay a premium for luxury goods expect a commensurate level of service and exclusivity. Well-planned luxury retail experiences reflect the brand’s image and values and make customers feel proud for being part of a select group.

Point of differentiation: Innovative store designs, interactive displays or AR immersive experiences engages customers in new exciting ways.  One-of-a-kind experience designs allow retailers to differentiate themselves from competitors by offering something unique and exceptional.

Personalization: One-of-a-kind experiences during luxury shopping offers customers a sense of personalized attention that maintains their social status. Experience design coupled with free trials, tailored promotions and preference-based services will increase customer happiness and translate to more sales.

Social image: Customers who purchase luxury goods flaunt their wealth, taste and sophistication to others. By providing a luxurious and exclusive shopping experience, luxury retailers can help customers reinforce their up-market status.

Social media frenzy: Furthermore, experience design has become increasingly important due to the increased use of social media. With most customers wanting to share their special moments and opinions online, memorable shopping experiences when posted create a buzz leading to higher brand exposure and potentially new customers.

At Abra, an experienced retail fit out company in Dubai, we create extraordinary retail interior spaces that truly reflect the brands they house and personify their experiences. Our team has an unrivalled wealth of experience within the market and is well-known for creating revolutionary designs that stand the test of time. Our unparalleled track record and reputation for delivery has fetched us projects from some of the world’s most successful brands.

Anand Kumar, Managing Director at Abra