Pop Up Stores:  Shop when it Pops

Pop Up Stores
“Here today, gone tomorrow” is dotting the retail landscape. From showcasing a passing fad or a noteworthy seasonal trend, pop-up stores have become popular over the years complementing and sometimes even challenging the traditional permanent retail model.
Pop-up stores are temporary retail spaces set up to introduce new products, ‘reboost’ existing products, test new markets or generate awareness for a cause. They are typically set up in areas with high foot traffic such as malls, city centres and busy streets. Sales in pop-up retail can even be attributed to festive seasons or holidays. For example Halloween stores, Ramadan markets, Christmas shopping or Spring fashion are common sightings of pop-up shops.
In this article, we highlight the reasons why pop-up stores are becoming more prominent than ever.

Get it before its gone

As new or trending products are launched in these stores, the core of its success comes from being short-lived — usually from as little as a week through to several months. Its impermanent nature taps into the customers’ fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) mindset to ‘get it before it’s gone, thus creating a sense of urgency to visit now.

A desire for the new

As Shopaholics constantly crave the next new in town, pop-ups help satisfy their innate desire to get it first.  The sheer simplicity of the store offers what these customers value the most: The instant gratification of buying an innovative product and leaving with it.

Get intimate with brands

In pop up stores customers can get intimate with their favourite brands, try them on and immerse themselves in their vibe. After physically interacting with a product, customers can receive high-touch customer service that’s just not possible via phone, screen or chatbot.

Get a marketing boost

Popups are a new form of experiential marketing to test new ideas and locations. It also allows marketers to be more innovative – they can test more ideas and see which resonates with customers. With unique promotional strategies bands can achieve faster awareness in their target markets and get a good marketing boost.

Quick and cheaper setups

Like online retail, pop-ups are cheaper to implement than maintaining a permanent retail space. In addition, they offer customers a good place to physically interact with a brand in a way that’s not possible online. As pop ups require a much smaller investment than permanent set-ups, retailers can figure out what works without huge commitment too.

Memorable experiences

In many ways, pop-up stores are a perfect retail solution to the Millennial shopper’s preference of experiencing before buying. A poll found that nearly 78% of modern shoppers want to experience and connect before they buy something. Also, at the same time as brands want to deepen their relationship with current and prospective consumers, they don’t mind organizing workshops, music concerts and fashion shows as an added experience.
In gist, a strategically located, carefully curated pop-up store can help retailers maximize brand presence in ways never imagined before while also forging deeper relationships with consumers.

We can help you set up your pop-up store

Though every pop-up store design is unique, one thing in common is their ability to drive young customers to shop now and share the experience with everyone they know. Behind a great pop up set up is a great team and resources that make it happen. Talk to our retail experts at Abra, a leading retail production company in Dubai, to see how we can make your pop-up store an unforgettable experience for your customers.